Month: September 2021

Who thinks,I stay at home all year round,Too lazy to exercise,Deteriorating body,Got a disease that a man can’t describe,At that time, I felt very bad,Every time I see my wife’s cold face, I can’t help arguing with her,She can’t get the slightest warmth from me,Our relationship broke down。

Stocks are not going well,Not getting better,Quarrel with my wife,I can’t live together anymore,So I had to negotiate a divorce。 drink,The more you drink, the […]

And now the Lakers are only Kobe alone,It is doubtful whether this young player can always take on the responsibility of the team with thin shoulders.。Although the current Lakers record first in the league,But everyone can see,They are an absolutely flawed team,They are a very easy team to target,Hard power after the lack of a superstar,Undoubtedly dropped a lot。It’s just that Kobe has been using magical key balls,Closed the team’s loopholes,But how long can this magic last

A piece of heat,Haven’t robbed Marshburn,Just a mediocre all-star team driven by Tim Hardaway and Mourning,There are many such teams in the US NBA。 And […]