Xiaosheng Military Waterfish

Xiaosheng Military Waterfish

Original title: Red Cultural Relics · Party Strike Trimcommines The Military Water Fish Water Fishing Pingjin Battle Memorial Received an old man’s letter, thick stack of seven pages, written with work, vigorous brush word.

The letter tells a story-known story in Tianjin Battle: At the end of 1948, the People’s Liberation Army surrounded Tianjin, and Tianjin Battle is about to start.

Under the leadership of the party, the people of Changshujiabao Village in Hebei Province have been prepared, showing a long and young and young, and is actively busy. One afternoon, there were three comrades of the People’s Liberation Army to take a military truck to the village. Yang Xifu, head of the village Children’s Group, who was duty, received them. One of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army said to him: "We are coming from the front line of Tianjin. Nowading the frontier position is close to Tianjin City to prevent, urgently need to borrow some light-handed little shin to dig traffic, open, need you strongly support." Yang Xifu immediately found several members to divide three groups, and the first group was shouting, inform the folies.

The other two groups went to each household to collect a collection. For a while, the villagers sent their own little shovel to the village, plus the total 37 of the two groups, and gave the PLA. The head said: "You are too hard! Thank you very much!" They immediately sent the little shovel to the front line immediately.

After 7 days, the good news from Tianjin liberation came. The villagers knocked down the drums, rushed to tell, and sent a happy earth, and the village cadres were busy preparing to send to the front conservatory.

On this morning, the head of the headbanded a few soldiers to send a small head. Because of the accidental loss of three small shots, they only sent 34, and resolutely requested payment of prices. How did the villagers refuse to accept this money, I feel that the Liberation Army liberates Tianjin, so that the people will stand the so much credit, and lose the three shots.

But the head of the head said: "The folks, you must accept this money, we have discipline, don’t take the masses and one line, lose things to compensate!" The villagers have received money, unison I praised the people’s army, and everyone gave a few liberated army in the laughter.

The old man who tells us this story is Yang Xifu, who is only a 15-year-old children’s group of children in the middle age. He collects himself for more than 50 years of small shoe donated to the Pingjin Battle Memorial Hall.

The old man said: "I tell this story not for myself, just to let people know this is our people’s army." In the excitement, he also wrote such a verse for us:.