Xinhua full media + 丨 night visit to affordable village

Xinhua full media + 丨 night visit to affordable village

  Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, October 13th: Night Visit, the Xinhua News Agency, the Xinhua News Agency, from the Anze Toll Station, along the Pentium, 20 kilometers away from the Lihe Water, is the Yinhezhuang Village.

Subject to continuous heavy rainfall, there is a number of collapse, falling stone, and some sections of the foundation are temporarily enclosed. On the evening of the 12th, the original 20-minute drive, the reporter took more than 1 hour. It is located in Anze County in the Shanyue Mountain, which is a key county of the poverty alleviation and development work in Shanxi Province.

The continuous rainfall since October 2, which has triggered a more serious rain and geological disasters, and the river water level rose inundantly arable land. This poverty poverty reduction has suffered severe test.

  The Qi River is a grade of the Yellow River. It is close to Qihezhuang Village, Sichuan Town, close to Qie River, and 105 households in 258 households in the village were a poverty household. When the reporter arrived overnight, it had been at 9 o’clock in the evening, and the temperature in the mountains fell to about 5 degrees Celsius. The villages and village cadres used in the village and visited the affected people at night. Heap of the poverteen’s full red home in Qinhezhuang Village is piled up with corn.

(Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jinyu photographed) push the door, remove the poverteen of the poor, the wife is handling the corn in the yard, the corn cock is covered with black mud, they want to handle the corn as soon as possible, sell a good price as much as possible.

  "There are 3 acres of corn in the home, and one of the corn cobs is buried in the mud, just like the sweet potato. From the mud. Field is wet, the agricultural tricycle can’t enter, more than 70 bags of snake bags. Back these corn back home. "Niu Quanhong said.

  Lu Huimin, secretary of the party branch of Qinhezhuang Village, said that the 48-year-old Niu’s full red is the best labor in the village. In addition, it will be harvested back, and there are more than 600 acres of overwater in the village.

  Lu Huimin (left), secretary of the Party Branch of Qihezhuang Village, views corn affected by the cattle full red (right). (Xinhua News Agency, Wang Jinyu photographed) due to continuous heavy rain, Niu Quanhong’s house has leaks after the renovation of dangerous houses in 2017.

"I will go out for a few days. I have been working in the autumn. Because it is raining, I haven’t going to work for a month. The crops in the ground are not good. I have to take some money again. The days are not good. "Niu Quanhong said.

  Similar situations in the deleting housing in Qinhezhuang Village, there are 9 acres of corn in the house, and there is a collapse of a mountain bridge, and the crops are separated from the bridge in the bridge. There is no way to pick up the autumn. Previously used harvesters, agricultural tricycles were idle in the yard. The agricultural tricycle in the homes of the homes in the homes of the homes in the house. (Xinhua News Agency, Wang Jinyu photographed) Seeing a difficulty in improving the poor, the three-level cadres of Anze County, township and villages also focus on the problem of resolving life problems.

  Wang Wei, deputy secretary of the Sichuan Town, brought good news for everyone: the county party committee, the county government and the insurance company have communicated many times, the insurance company decided to pay for the water-catching corn, and the amount of compensation per mu is appended to 400 yuan. The damaged rural road priority arrangements the victims of the villagers participate in maintenance and reconstruction, so that the people will make money in the nearby work.

  "The county mobilized organ cadres helped the affected people to grab autumn grains, the food recovered, can also sell money, plus insurance compensation, try to minimize the loss.

Wang Wei said.

  After listening to these arrangements, the full red face revealed a rare smile.

"We do more, but can only be mitigation, and wait for the disaster, the village should continue to vigorously develop rural tourism and promote the income of villagers.

Lu Huimin said.

  When the reporter left the village at 11 o’clock in the evening, the sound of the Lihe’s water was still large, but the village next to it has returned quiet.

(Reporter Liang Xiaofei, Wang Jinyu, Xu Xiong, Chen Zhihao) (End).