Zhejiang Longquan "One Town Yipin" grassroots party building promoted the leap-forward development of mountains

Zhejiang Longquan "One Town Yipin" grassroots party building promoted the leap-forward development of mountains

  "We’re" Jianchi cattle ‘party built brand in the’ future community ‘Water South Block, South Qin Bao Luozhao District Project Promotion Assistance to sign more than 1,500 households.

"We will go to the ‘party building brand now has created 10 love series, and complete the’ I am doing practical things for the masses’." "… Recently, Zhejiang Longquan held a base party building brand competition activity, 19 townships (street) party (work) party secretary, focusing on the topics of" party construction leading the common prosperity "on the grassroots party building. At present, Longquan is working in a new journey of "going to Longquan Revival, rushing to the common prosperity", puts forward new requirements for construction transformation organizations and enhancing cadres.

At the beginning of this year, the Longquan Municipal Committee organized the "party construction method, the ability to improve" action, organized the "party construction and improvement, ability to increase", and organized all one-scale iteration in the party construction concept, mechanism, method, means and other aspects. The histological strength of the grassroots party organization is focused, and the "one town" grassroots party building brand created, fully stimulating the common prosperity of red kinetility, to accelerate the championship, move toward Longquan, and rush to the common prosperity to provide strong organizational guarantee. Nowadays, in Longquan, there are 52 base party buildings such as "Jianchi Cow", "I am going to". "We carefully combed the area of ??each township, specialty industries, etc.

"The main person in charge of the Organization Department of Longquan Municipal Committee said that the township villages are the" nerve endings "of social governance, how to accelerate local cross-domain chase and common prosperity, and strong organizational guarantees are especially critical.

  Chaoda Town is Longquan’s "Wujin Name Town". For more than 40 years, Zauda people have opened a "Road Warm Road" and made the Hardware Auto Parts Business. In the new journey of the common prosperity, how to physically chemize the "screw" party building, carry forward the entrepreneurial quality of the Hardware Chaoda "Stick to the Attack of Attacks", and test the wisdom of Chaoda Town policy.

  "We put the ‘screwed’ in cadre business, on the project, rural revitalization, accelerate the settlement and cultivation of the ‘Li Shui Mountain Spring’, Xiangtai new building materials, etc., have implemented a batch of rich people.

Wei Ping, secretary of the party committee of Chaoda Town, today has established "five" alliances such as party construction, village enterprises, etc. in the town, truly realize the full coverage of the party building alliance led by the "screw" party brand, which greatly enhances the level of rural governance. . Half a month ago, more than 1400 meters long West Street historical and cultural streets were officially opened, which was engraved in the Millennium Street in Longquan Memory, ushered in a moment of rebirth.

"In order to transform the West Street, 8 policy handling attacks teams, and completed 36 outdoor renovations, more than 100 households were acquired, and 1064 dynamic policies were processed.

Li Xiachun, Secretary of the West Street Street Party Committee, said, "Walking West Street" not only came out of "Song Yun landmark", but also came out of the "rich speed": Qiangcun company relies on state-owned asset disk, "hot selection" brand Operation, farm products sales, property project contracting and other models, it is expected that the annual income of more than 60 million yuan, the collective economic project of the property building, roof photovoltaic and other villages is more powerful, and the income is more powerful. Cut the grassroots party building is a spiral improvement process, It is also a "marathon" that is constantly compensing resistant. The main person in charge of the Organization Department of Longquan Municipal Committee said that Longquan continues to deepen the "party construction brand" leading, and build the party building and leads the whole layer of integrated integration practice mechanism, high-standing level promotes digital reform, In the digital empowerment enlargement of grassroots party construction effect, promote the party’s leadership and party building in the system, governance, intelligence three dimensions continue to jump, and transform the organizational vitality into development power, Energy Mountain counties leap high-quality development. (Ye Yuting, Zhou Changyong) (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.