Reform of the Reform of the Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone

Reform of the Reform of the Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone

  The value of "5 · 15 Government Public Open", the Shenssing Reform Innovation Demonstration Zone held 700 people competition to mobilize the mobilization meeting, officially released the "Competition Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone", marking the demonstration zone " Breakthrough progress made by the use of human-based system reforms for identity freezing, file storage, full staff competition, performance assessment, performance monitoring, and final elimination.

The reform will fully stimulate the advantages of people’s system in the demonstration zone, and have a strong gathering of regional development and cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for the promotion of high-quality development in the demonstration zone. The meeting was held in the form of a video conference. Provincial Deputy Secondary Secondary Secondary Work Committee, the Party Work Committee of the New District, and Director Dong Feng attended the meeting and mobilized the speech.

Jia Wei, deputy director of the Party Work Committee of the Provincial Department of San Pu New District, presided over the meeting, and Liu Wei, deputy director of the Party Working Committee of the Provincial Department of Henan, and Liu Xidong, deputy director of the management committee, read the "Competition of the Substance of the Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone". Dong Feng pointed out that from the "Shenfu New District" to "Shen Pu Reverse Innovation Demonstration Zone" to achieve the fundamental transformation of the traditional edge of the two cities in the two cities, it also means that the mission of the shoulder is essentially Sex change.

"Demonstration" is leading, it is to revitalize Liaoning and even the northeast, all-round revitalization explores the new model and first experience of reproducible promotion. The purpose of this employment system is to play the use of people’s system reform, scientifically integrate human resources, let the best people find the best platform to give full play to personal abilities, characteristics, advantages, quickly enter position, role, state, and common Promote the exemplary area to achieve high quality development. Dong Feng emphasized that the core task of the demonstration zone is more focused on the breakthrough in reform and innovation, we must always practice "liberation of thought, first trial, courage the tide, dare to take, bury his head, and pursue excellence" Spirit, I don’t dare to think, don’t do it, the pedestrians are not easy, combined with the "small government big society" system advantage, take out the first province’s first, national leading practice, polish the golden word sign in the demonstration zone.

The key to the demonstration zone is to always adhere to high quality development. It is necessary to continue to deepen supply side structural reforms as the only way to achieve high quality development, and construct a demand-oriented supply system, fully stimulate development vitality, innovation, competitiveness and driving force. . Dong Peng said that through this reform, it is necessary to further promote ideological liberation, and truly realize the idea of ??driving emancipation, letting the liberation of ideas become the forefront of all work, becoming the biggest advantage of the demonstration zone.

Through this reform, it will further integrate the overall architecture of "16 + 5 + 2 + 2 + N", forming all SECRETARY, smooth operation, cooperation, professional and efficient organizational system and "streamlined, unified, efficient" operation mechanism. Through this reform, it will further highlight a good employment orientation, forming a well-known virtual employer structure, achieving professional things, suitable people doing something, reflecting the "1 + 12" superposition of human resources "1 + 12" effect.

  Member of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Shenfu New District and all participation in competition staff participated in the meeting.