Struggling 100-year road to set sail new journey · Number of romance people 丨 嘎 嘎, Central Zong Sisters: Guardian of the sacred land

Struggling 100-year road to set sail new journey · Number of romance people 丨 嘎 嘎, Central Zong Sisters: Guardian of the sacred land

  Xinhua News Agency, Lhasa, June 21: Zhuozhen, Central Zong Sisters: The Guardian of the Sacred Land, Xinhua News Agency, the reporter Bai Shao Bo, June, June, Yumi Township, ushered in the most beautiful season in the year. More than 5,000 meters above sea level, the ice and snow melting, the road to the corona is like a ribbon, hovering in the south foot of Himalayas, with a "pilgrim" tourism bus, the off-road vehicle is endless. After the Panshan Road did not know how many bends, the Border Town of Shiguan Taojun jumped into the eye.

"Home is a mahme, the country is China" eight big characters, explains the red charm of this emerging tourist resort in Southwest my country.

  The jade is called "China’s minimum town". In 1991, the first time inuma entered people’s vision.

At that time, only Zhuoqi, Central Zong and their father Sang Jie, 3 people lived there.

Father is a retired villagelical, Zhuozhen is a new rural leader, and Central Zong is the only country.

Zhuozhen (left), the two of Central Zong sisters (photographed on October 29, 2017).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Pu Zicy’s history, more than 20 households, more than 300 people in the corner population.

With the peaceful liberation of Tibet, implement democratic reform, the plateau has changed through the earth, and most people can’t stand the difficulty of jade, and moved out of life.

  How much is the jade? Zhuozhen, Central Zong said, sealing the mountain for half a year.

It’s more time to rain, watching Mountain is green, but you can’t come out. A family can only be a living in grazing. This year, Zhuoha 60, Central Zong 58 years old, recalls too much, I can’t help but fall in tears: "Our mother and sister are sick because of the pasture, treatment is not dying.

"Why don’t you move out of corhydrock, to live a better place?" "Such a problem, the sister will be asked once again, and they have also moved this idea.

However, the father of the father Sang Jie’s stubborn and stressed, affecting the two of the sisters. "We have to eat this bitterness, don’t do anything! How many people sacrificed life to exchange Tibet peacefully liberation." Sang Jie’s words, the sisters are engraved in the heart. Zhuozhen, the daily life of Central Zong started at 45:00 in the morning, and the cattle in front of the mountains and grazes.

When the night is coming, the bell ring is once again in the pastoral, and the busy day will end. Such a life, for decades such as one day.

  In addition to grazing, the most important thing in life in a family is the national flag.

Standing on the highly flying five-star red flag, Sang Jie told the sisters two, "This is the country, there is a country."

  Sisters are like father, engraving loyalty in mind: "Yu Ma is a place where our ancestors live, and then tired and tired to keep every inch of land.

"It is in this ordinary years, condenses extraordinary spirit.

On the border, the figure of Zhuoyao and Central Zong sisters, telling the world that is not "unattended", and the sacred sovereignty is unable to violate. The sisters of the sisters are also exchanged for the "Butterfly Change" of the jade.

In 1995, the history of the jade farewell to the history of "three townships", in 1999, the population of corona exceeded 20 people, and 2009 broke through 30 people.

Entering the new era, Yumi Townships access to the national grid, bid farewell to the history of disadvantages; the road has become wider; the wireless network covers the hometown; in Zhuo Wei, Central Zong Sisters, the princes of the Laodies, the Tribute, more and more people Move into the jade.

  Zhuozhen, Central Zong sisters guarded this sacred land, and wrote the era of patriotic side.

The two have won the "most beautiful struggle" "Time model" "National March 8 Red Flagner", the 7th "National Dedicated Dedication Moral Model".

  The sisters both looked at the jade wheat than a year, and they were very pleased. More proud is that their children also become new people.

Zhuoyi’s daughter Bayui, the Central Zong’s son Solonzhu University graduated, he returned to the jade.

Solonzhu said: "As a young man with knowledge, it is more refined to participate in the hometown construction, inheriting the spirit of the seniors, and be a new generation of sacred land guards.

"Zhuo Wei, Central Zong Sisters are the model of the vastness of the new era.

"The Director of the Party Committee of the Yumai Township said:" We will inherit and carry forward the patriotic glorious tradition, keep the motherland every inch, build the jade into a better home.