Wuyuan County People’s Court East Tribut: Apple fragrant farmers laugh

Wuyuan County People’s Court East Tribut: Apple fragrant farmers laugh

   Figure 1: A judge in the Fujiazhuang Village of Zhongzhuang Town, a judge in the East Rich in front of the complaint.

  Figure 2: East ribbon police officers walk back to the courts of the court after handling the case. Figure 3: Fengjiachang Village, Sili Town, and the police officers in the East in the orchard were investigated.

  Figure 4: Zhangjiapo Town Ren Mazhuang Village, the judge of the East Tribunal in the orchard tried to trial the fruit dispute case.

  Figure 5: East Ri Tribunal, two parties held a manual speech and then holding together. The People’s Court of the People’s Court of Shandong Province, the People’s Court, located in the depths of Dashan, 43 kilometers away from Wuyuan County, and the people in the four towns, are the most remote courts in Zibo.

4 towns in the jurisdiction are forest fruit towns, and forest fruit income is the main source of economic sources, and there are many disputes caused by fruit transactions.

  On the occasion of the fruitful harvest, in the past few days, the court officers insisted that they walked into the field to carry out the publicity publicity, and actively promote the tour trial, moved the court to the village, the home of the farmhouse, sitting with the fruit farm, talking about a piece, Think of one place, greatly extended the tentacles of the judicial service. According to statistics, in the past three years, the annual battle of the police in East, nearly 120,000 kilometers, the judge is nearly 300, the case of the case is more than 96%, the syndrome of the case is more than 70%, no petition complaint . In 2020, the Tribunal of East Riji was rated as "National Court Advanced Collective".