Xiamen City Huti District hiestically "Responsible" "He", "Early" "Love" "Law" promotes the joint adjustment of letters and visits

Xiamen City Huti District hiestically "Responsible" "He", "Early" "Love" "Law" promotes the joint adjustment of letters and visits

In recent years, Huli District, Xiamen, is in the industrial transformation, project construction, old village renovation, urban high improvement, and the pressure of petition is increasing.

To this end, the area adheres to the "Party Committee to take advantage of the party committee, coordinate all parties, grade responsibility, and grasp the co-management", and strive to form a good letter of letters and visit works in joint adjustment.

Adhere to the high-level promotion, compaction a "Responsibility" Word Lake District Committee Standing Committee, the District Government Standing Club will listen to the letter visits work in quarterly, research and deploy the key task of the deployment of petitions, the main leaders of the district attach great importance to it, take the lead in the case, take the lead in four-door four Visit, take the lead in organizing difficult letter of interest, providing a good demonstration effect for establishing a letter of letters and visits in the region.

The joint meeting of the district and street letter visits work is sound, and the investigation and analysis of the meeting regularly, compacted the responsibilities of the territory and department. I developed the issuance of the comprehensive information on the Chinese and visits work responsibility book and the implementation rules of the letter of letters and visits, and the implementation of the responsibility of the letters and visits work to the specific units and projects, and made the task and responsibility. At the same time, I combined a petition in every six months, I submit the Standing Committee of the District Committee, the streets, the two counters implemented the leadership case, according to the requirements of the "four packs", to achieve "four do not let go", ensure that the petition situation is stable. Pay attention to coordination linkage, strengthen a "Hes" Word Lake District will be unified in the letter and visit bureau, the Justice Bureau, and Legal Center, will visit the docking room, Discipline Inspection, Lawyer Consultation Room, Legal Aid Studio, Letters and Visits The review room is located in the joint visitor hall, optimizes "one-stop" co-adjustment environment.

Improve the interview with the docking work system, promote petition, judicial high integration, leadership coupon participation, visiting the separation of the discovery, the issuance of the law, and the major issues will have a reliable work mechanism.

Each year, the year, before the year, arrange the area education, the human society, the construction department personnel, and settled in the interview room, specializing in the disposal of learning, launching and discussing the project. Give full play to the role of district interviewment center and letter visits, clear appeals, urgent petition issues directly into mediation, review, on-site coordination and disposal, and improve the disposal efficiency of emergency and people’s livelihood. With the ability to supervise and accountability, the supervision of the superior, supervising the issues and major leaders, strengthen the resolution responsibility of each department, and promote the problem solving. Strengthen the source governance, and do a good job in the "morning" Word Lakeria to give full play to the role of the joint meeting of the street petition, insist on the implementation of the community every day, the streets are contradictory disputes, ensuring that the problem found early, disposal in small, prevent contradictions.

Closely combined with the new situation of the party building leading the community governance, the study introduced the "Guidance Opinions of the Hudu District Promotion Visitors", standardizing the construction standards, requirements and relevant guarantees of the letter visits, and promoted letters and visits to the community, community, The demolition headquarters, the project department, vigorously implemented the review of petition visits, and focus on the important means of interviews as an early resolution of contradiction disputes, and realized the "zero distance" of the media. In 2020, a total of 156 petition visits were held in the region, and the success rate reached more than 90%. Work experience of petition reviews is promoted by Xiamen City. The end is fundamentally, pay attention to a "love" word in August 2019, Huli District took the lead in the leading cadres in Xiamen City, and the leading cadres at the regional level of the whole district participated in, and the people who were unresolved in an all-round visit. Opinions, facing the facial communication, the distance of the cadres and the masses, promoted the resolution of the problem, and enhancing social harmony. The area also conducts fundamental education every year, set up a fundamental education in the district, in the petition window, demanding the official attitude of the letter and visit cadre, transparent, truly enthusiastic reception, equal treatment, sincerity, just treat, proper treatment, proper Dispose of reasonable appeals, help solve difficulties, and win the trust and understanding of the petitioners to the greatest extent.

Improve the mechanism, follow a "law" word in recent years, the district has focused on the construction of the establishment of the system, and the research has introduced the leader case, interviewment dock, emergency disposal, supervision and supervision, letters and visits, special difficult funds Waiting for a series of working mechanisms to make the letter visit question truly realize horizontal, longitudinal joints, and the big faults in the district are constantly consolidated. Strictly implement the "vision separation", formulate a list of legal channel classification processing, establish a linkage information sharing mechanism between the letter and visits, to ensure that the letter visits appeal to the scene, the shift translation, the classification is smooth, more and more people involved in petitioners Select the problem of solving the problem through the judicial pathway, and the appearance of "petition discipline" is significantly improved. (Lin Linxia Huxin) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xiahuahua).