Tunxi Malu Town was awarded the title of 2021 agricultural industries in 2021

Tunxi Malu Town was awarded the title of 2021 agricultural industries in 2021

In recent years, Tunxi City Maojun Town relies on the characteristic advantage industry, convenient transportation and other favorable factors, actively implement strong agricultural industries, so that the leading industry is stronger, the integration development is effective, and has become one of the 2021st agricultural industries in the country.

The classical chicken industry is the characteristic advantage industry in Malong Town, Tunxi City, and the pillar industry in the development of rural economic development in Tunxi City. Its breeding has covered some administrative villages in all administrative villages and surrounding counties in 14 Tunxi Province, with a year of column of more than 2 million feather.

As the main enterprise of Tunxi Classical Chicken, Tunxi City Foreign Trade Chicken Square Co., Ltd., located in Mao Road Town, Tunxi City, actively innovation, launching a sesame classical chicken, classical chicken gift box, etc. Products, as well as Classical Chicken Series, and its franchise store has now more than 400.

Li Jin, deputy general manager of the company, said that the development of the characteristic advantage industry not only promotes the company’s benefits, but also drives farmers and township income. In the universal attack, Tunxi Foreign Trade Chicken Space Co., Ltd. signed a Qixi Classical Chicken Insurance Recycling Agreement with nearly a thousand farmers.

According to statistics, the entire classical chicken industry chain has driven more than 30,000 farmers to participate. Peasants can exceed 300 million yuan a year from the pure income obtained from the classical chicken industry chain.

Relying on the convenient traffic conditions, the Town of Mao Road also plans the development space layout of the "four-axis two-center", which is to run through the entire town of Rongxia first-level road, Guangkun Expressway, 207 National Highway and Luo Zhan Railway as "four axes" "The transportation channel, the construction of the road community and the inner community as" two cities ", and conducts the construction of strong towns in agricultural industries.

The processing of agricultural products such as the longan, nuts, and sweet potatoes in the Tunxi City Town is rapidly developed in such traffic advantages and layout.

The saucer of the sagae meat processing plant has now reached more than 100, and the annual sales of 4,000 tons of longan meat.

In addition, the Town, Mao Road, also actively promoted the construction of 100 acres of specialty industry demonstration bases in various villages (community), guiding various villages (communities) to promote soft branch oil tea, Sanhua Li, honey pomelo, and the disguise, etc., developing modern characteristics agricultural breeding pigs Breeding, laurel flesh meat processing, classical chicken chicken farm and other base construction.

Rural revitalization, the key is the industrial revitalization. Next, Mao Road Town will continue to focus on the leading industry, and actively build multi-subject participation, multi-state build, multi-element agglomeration, multi-interest joint, multi-mode innovative agricultural industries. (波 维 香) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.