Sports Review: Sports, build the bridge of "residual integration"

Sports Review: Sports, build the bridge of "residual integration"

  Xinhua News Agency, October 29 (Reporter Liu Wei, Zheng Wei, Yao Youming) The 11th Disabled Games and the 8th Special Olympic Games ended successfully in Shaanxi on the 29th.

The original Olympic Games held in the same manually with the Games in the same year, not only achieved the "two fires and one" "two fires" transmitted simultaneously with the National Migrant Festival, but also "all the whole people, the concerted peers" The perfect integration of the theme of the theme and "lighting dreams, sailing for love". Sports, becoming a bridge that sets "residual integration". The main torch of the Shipping Olympics is ignited in Xi’an Olympics Center. Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi is condensed in the Olympic Motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger – More Unity", has perfectly played, impact records.

Sports provide them with opportunities. At the National Games, surpass 12 world records, show new breakthroughs in the development of China’s competitive sports in the new era;, at the Barburus, China’s disabled sports attributes have been represented by Tokyo, with more than 36 items The perfect performance of the world record has given a wonderful sports event for the people of the country.

With the starting point of this Severed Olympics, in the face of the Paris Paralympic Games that have entered a countdown, I believe that China’s disabled sports athletes will "go down the awards, all from the beginning", including the sound people and disabled people Under the careful efforts of the guarantee team, system training, scientific preparation, and continued dedication for the "romantic capital" sports delegation to continue to dedicate. Blind football project. Xinhua News Agency, Li Yibo, condensed, "pursuing excellence, challenge self, surpassing records, not afraid of strong hands", has a good look forward to the future, a beautiful look forward to

Sports provided them with platforms. The health of disabled people is an integral part of healthy China, and sports are an important means of recovery of persons with disabilities.

Since the Party’s 18th National Congress, under the joint efforts of the whole society, sports services are fundamentally, with the purpose of integrating social strength, to enhance the people’s sports participation, more and more disabled people through the rehabilitation fitness. Sports, go out of the house, go to the venue, feel the happiness of sports, promote physical and mental health, integrate into society.

"Residuality and integration" is gradually being reality by the vision.

Harvesting health and confident disabled people in sports, and is a prosperous enemies of health. Sitting volleyball.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bowen is condensed in "high-spirited, optimistic advancement, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-respect" spirit, has positive, not afraid of difficult life attitude and the direction of good life. Sports created for them.

At this seventh Olympics, athletes rely on hard work, many people continue to work with their hard levels from a heavier athletic level, and also explore the change of destiny and life. Like the sound of people, they are practicing "mission shoulders, struggle with me", and is also the best interpretation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics for "Let’s go to the future". The Palace of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region admitted to the opening ceremony. Xinhua News Agency, Li Yibo took the long wind to break the waves, and there was a time to hang the clouds.

In 2025, China’s hardtectual Olympics will gather in the Bin of the South China Sea. In Guangdong, the most advanced in the reform and opening up, experience the vitality and charm of "Eastern Pearl", and feel the breeze and future of "sea garden".

I believe that they ending the Paris fight back to the motherland, and they will also be like this Subject Olympics, promote the spirit of the Olympic spirit, the spirit of Chinese sports and people with disabilities, and continue to show exquisite sports skills and good spiritual features will be more confident. I am presenting to the world and will presen more China to the world. Editor in charge: Guo Jian.