Xie Haibo: Inheriting the spirit of craftsman

Xie Haibo: Inheriting the spirit of craftsman

  In 2013, on the game of the World Skills Competition known as "Skill Olympics", a "90" after Jiangxi won the first medal on CNC milling projects.

From the workshop to the World Square, from the students to the "Foshan Great Town Craftsman", Foshan Technician College Equipment Manufacturing Teachers Xie Haibo is "100% serious, 100%." Xie Haibo, a teacher of Foshan Technician College, Xie Haihai, made training demonstrations in class.

Xinhua Net (Li Ning) In 2007, the 16-year-old Xie Haihai came to Guangdong Foshan from Jiangxi, because he was interested in mechanical things. He came to Foshan Senior Technical School after graduation from small and medium. College) The mold design and manufacturing major of the mechanical system (now the equipment manufacturing department).

Xie Haibo during the school worked hard, be good at drilling, and recommended a number of skill competitions by the teacher.

  "Every competition is challenging themselves, and it is also a rare learning opportunity.

"Xie Hai Bo said that by participating in various competitions, it can not only make the existing skills to consolidate, but also understand new skills and methods. 2013, the 42nd World Skills Competition, from more than 50 countries and Regional players compete for 46 projects within the scope of automotive maintenance, welding, mobile robots.

At that time, Xie Haibo, the Foshan Technician College, won the bronze medal of CNC milling projects through the fierce competition with the first-class players, and realized the "zero breakthrough" of China on the advanced manufacturing project.

  "There is no shortcut to success, and it is necessary to practice, and the basic techniques are practiced to be proficient.

"Xie Haibo recalls that the competition he participated in three parts are processed according to the drawings, and each part should be processed 4-7 hours. And his experience is the training and research of the day.

  Because of the hard practical technology, Xie Haiwei stayed in the school for training teachers, specializing in competition training and entrepreneurial training.

In recent years, Xie Haibo has also obtained the title of "National Technology Expert" "Foshan Mali Craftsman" in Foshan City, 2013.

  "I hope that they are not only simple skills, but as the spirit of the ‘big city craftsman’." Xie Haibo said that the South China Sea "cherished talents", let more talents can creative more results here . It is reported that in recent years, Foshan has vigorously promoted the implementation of school-enterprise cooperation, new apprentices and other systems such as enterprises, and focus on cultivating the skills needed by the enterprise. (Li Ning).