Thousands of hammers, ice and fire test: What did the road of Mars surround the "Ask Day"?

Thousands of hammers, ice and fire test: What did the road of Mars surround the "Ask Day"?

Original title: Thousands of hammers, ice and fire test: What did the road of Mars surround the "questioning day"? With the successful launch of my country’s first Mars probe task "Day, I", Mars detects into people’s field of vision.

my country’s first Mars probe mission program is scheduled to complete three tasks of "surround landing, patrol" for Mars in one time, and realize multiple projects and scientific objectives.

The reporter learned from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, as an important part of the Mars detector, the Mars surrounder assembled, integration and test tasks on the "Days-Idened No. 1" detector is mainly responsible for 812, 812 Beijing and Shanghai two places jointly develop model. Thousands of hammers, ice and fire test … Mars surrounder has broken through heavy difficulties. So, what is the road to Mars Surrounder’s "Ask Day"? The simulation test of thousands of hammers must pass the countless sub-simulation simulation test before heaven, because the satellite is difficult to implement in space maintenance, so the simulation test of the ground is especially important, and it must be verified repeatedly. Mars surrounder in the primary development stage, the vibration test, simulated emission and in the rail environment in multiple full load conditions. When the actual launch, the Mars surrounding is connected to the land inspector. In order to be able to simulate the mechanical environment during the simulation of the launch, the 812 test personnel have specially prepared the land-inspector with heavy parts, and the real simulation drills and design give The environmental condition is not bad. The Mars surrounder is very fat, the test time is long, and the status of the vibrating table needs to be continuously adjusted as required. Zhang Li, deputy director of the 812 test center, introduced that in order to ensure the success of the test, the test staff should strictly check the product status, quality control, and safety control before the test, and the safety control is not less.

It is not only to talk about it, it is time to brand in the hearts of each test personnel in 812, reflecting in each test operation. Be careful to unfold the antenna rocket. After about 37 minutes, it ushered in an important moment of the star arrow separation. At this time, the sun wings and all kinds of antennas of the Mars surrounds are gradually started.

  "Mars surroundings have a total of 7 kinds of movable parts.

"Director’s artist Zhang Si Mei introduced that the Mars Slope is the first model that is independent of 812 independent.

  According to the main installation of the main post Wang Limin, Mars surrounder activity institutions and antennas are not only more, and they are very long, the longest high gain orientation antenna, and it needs to be folded six times in installation, which has become the most in the process of surrounder. A difficult bone. In the primary research phase of the Mars Slope, the problem that the antenna unable to close after the antenna is discovered, the main reason is that the accuracy is not enough.

The assembly team immediately tensely acts, review the data, optimizes the software algorithm, and is busy with early morning, do not solve the problem. After a week of research, I finally solved this problem, and everyone’s brow was stretched. Model Dispatch Wang Kehan ??tells reporters that the antenna unfolding agency of the surrounder is very precise, in order to protect it is not damaged after the development, the antenna can not be overnight, and the work must be completed once, the operator does not dare to stop, one stop is a whole Day, even Dan Dan.

They carefully protect the product, just like a child who cares for their own.

  The surrounder has passed the long-distance travel of 7 to 10 months after the launch of the "Ice Fire Test" Mars probes. In order to ensure that the Mars surrounder works normally at low temperatures, it is very strict on its "dress". This "clothes" of this low temperature is called the thermal insulation assembly, and the industry is called low temperature multi-layers, all of which are completed by automatic sewing machine tools and rewards.

The tank structure of the Mars is large, and its "clothes" area reaches 30 square meters, and the "clothes" of the general satellite is only about 15 square meters.

  The Mars Slope Used is the largest basic platform in China, and the large thrust engine of 3000 cattle is installed. The engine can reach thousands of degrees Celsius.

This puts a high demand for temperature protection near the engine. The artist Jiang Yili, which is responsible for the enthusiastic control of satellite, and the high temperature multi-layer used in the detector is the stainless steel foil and aluminum foil, the edge sharp, the machining and installation is very large, and the operator is very easy to cut. In order to ensure the safety of operation, before installation, the operator needs to wear protective clothing, anti-cutting gloves and goggles, first in the multi-layer label mounting hole position, take a hole one by one, then wear the stainless steel wire. Between the test of ice and fire, the space craftsmen are like craftsmanship to engrave their own artwork, and the horses have the road to the first Mars detection in my country.

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