Wooden Door Meet Memorial 丨 A residual stone carving slogan

Wooden Door Meet Memorial ? A residual stone carving slogan

In the year, the Red Si Dynasty was transferred from the Sichuan-Yantanu District, which was strange from the Sichuan, and the local people saw the Red Army, clothes, waist and branches, grass ropes from the cold winter. In the eyes, this is "a group of robbers, robbers from the mountains, to be a common wife", which is full of doubts and fear of the Congress and its leadership. The Red Army is based on the natural conditions of the high stone of the Daba Mountain. It uses stone to promote the party’s policy, policy, eliminating the people’s parties in the form of stone carving, and launch the masses to participate in the revolution. With a strong propaganda, the Red Army turned from a lonely army into the masses to support the army who loved and won Ren Jiefu.

The Muvenile Memorial Memorial Hall, there is still a nationally reshuffled long-scale, width, high meter, and "red global" and "party emblem" patterns in the national song. After the "China Workers’ Red Army, the Red Army of China, the 193rd Political Department of the Thirty-One Military Ninety-three Political Department", the development of the Red Fourth Army became more than 80,000 people, and the development of the Sichuan Sichuan area became the second largest in the country. area.

This pair is the Hongmei Military Ninety-Thirteenth Teacher Political Department on the road of publicity under the city gate of the wooden door, Shanglian is "the new world", which is "the sickle cutting old and the old", the horizontal batch is "Impatheina". This is far-reaching, and is a revolutionary slogan that is high-shouting of the red four demands in the "Impathetic" "Impathetic All Northwest" "Impathetic All Northwest". It reflected the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Base, which has strong politics The historical facts of the basic, military foundation and material foundation have expressed the firm belief of the Red Army’s willingness to victory, and the fearless spirit of liberation of all human beings. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "History has fully proved that the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people are not only good at breaking an old world, but also good at building a new world, looking forward to the future, China’s development prospects is unlimited.

"In April 1935, the Chinese Workers’ Red Army’s fourth-year military commander took over, the Kuomintang also returned to the hometown group, except for the saga of the Red Army family and the Ministry of Soviet, the slogan did not let go. Some shovel, some were smashed, the wooden door ancient town The slogan on the door is also difficult to escape, and the upper and lower joints are destroyed, leaving only the stone batch "Impathetic global" stone, after being discarded outside the wilderness.

Later, after Li Dawei, Li Uncle, who was in the ancient town of Mumei Ancient Town, took the danger of being closed, hit, killing, organizing the family secretly caring the stone home, quietly putting the word in front of his house, will engrave the word On the side of the mud, I donated the local government after the founding of New China. The building was transferred to the Wooden Gate Meeting Site Memorial, saved to this day. (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.