Wu’an Rural Credit Union: Standardizing Contract Management Promoting Compliance Development

Wu’an Rural Credit Union: Standardizing Contract Management Promoting Compliance Development

In order to continuously promote the development of various business compliance, eliminate risk hazards, on the basis of the "Case Prevention and Constitution Construction Deepening Year" activities, continuously strengthen its compliance management level, Enhance risk prevention capabilities.

It is understood that the association has developed the "Contract Text Review" and enabling the "Special Audition Specialist" to further improve and optimize the contract audit process.

For each grassroots unit to be trial, the first time audit is checked, find out the contract vulnerability, prevent contract risks, and ensure that the contract review work within 3 working days is to help all departments signed a contract according to law.

Since the beginning of this year, 64 various contracts have been reviewed and 18 reviews of the credit cooperative contract contract. At the same time, the association strictly reviews the contract, all contract terms, signed procedures and forms are taken by the Legal Affairs Department, eliminate the incomplete and illegal contracts. Strengthen supervision of the process of contract performance process and the process of understanding, assisted the contract to sign a department to handle various problems in the whole process; establish a contract specialized management account and archive, realize the contract specialization, process, dynamic management, and timely supervision Contract performance.

In addition, the association has developed "Housing Lease Template" and "Housing Lease Template" and "Housing Lease Terminal Agreement" in accordance with its own business, enabling this year; in order to enhance new employee performance, reduce people’s flow risk, cultivate stable talents The team, the new employee, and requires new employees to make a commitment to enter the job, and further strengthen new employee management.

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