Sprint! Hangzhou "Welcome Asian Games" Expressway construction adds a new mileage

Sprint! Hangzhou "Welcome Asian Games" Expressway construction adds a new mileage

03 provincial road.

  Another section has been completed and plans to open in the near future is the 03 Provincial Road East Rehabilitation Elevated Nandama Engineering Elevated, located in Xiaoshan District.

The project started from 400 meters north to NATO, with both elevated bridges, from the north to the south, Xintang Street, finally the status quo, the intersection of Dongrui Road, Dongrui 4th Road, full length of about km.

The project is all in the form of "High Bridge + Ground Road", and the two-way 6 lanes. This short km is an important north-south passage in Xiaoshan East. It is a key channel to connect to the Linpu group, Xiaoshan City, and the Youth League. It is an important part of the Xiaoshan Expressway Network will be beneficial to Xiaoshan Eastern Traffic Road. Improve and improve, open the blocked points of the roads such as New Street, enhance the image of Xiao Shandong.

  The preview of the expressway is continuously reported, and the project is also a frequent transmission.

  Huancheng North Road – Tianmushan Road (Zhonghe Interchange – Gu Cui Road) Improvement Reconstruction Engineering Dadden "The Yitao" shield section is successfully penetrated yesterday. Huancheng North Road – Tianmushan Road Improvement Reconstruction Project is the mid-section of Qiantang Expressway, the project is full of kilometers, of which the shield structure is kilometers, and the rest is the mutant section. The engineering shield tunnel is located in the center of Hangcheng City. It constructs a large number of buildings along the line, the pipeline is intensive, the construction site is small. At the same time, the shield needs to be close to the subway line 2 and long distance crossing soft hard formation, the construction is difficult High risk. The project constructor overcomes more difficulties and ultimately successfully realizes the important node target of "initial heart".

  It is reported that this year, the city’s expressway network has increased by 63 kilometers, and the city’s expressway has achieved a total mileage of 318 kilometers. According to the plan, the era high Xiaoshan section, the Jiangnan Avenue Tunnel, Peng Yu, the main road to the main line elevated, etc. will also be completed before the end of this year, and the goal of building 464 kilometers before the Asian Games.

  With the approach of the Asian Games, Hangzhou "5433" comprehensive transportation conference will enter the "battles" moment. The relevant person in charge of the "Welcome to the Asian Games" road construction action (City Construction Committee) said: "Hangzhou Expressway Network is in building the ‘longitude skeleton, accelerates to extend to the new city of the outer suburbs, the larger the city’s frame is more and more, To provide a good transportation environment for the 20022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, the new journey of ’14th Five’ Construction is opened, accelerate the formation of the expressway network system that is adapted to the new type of extra large urban spatial pattern.

"(Correspondent Hangzhou Xuan Jianjie Journalist Ge Xiaowu) Editor: Song Yue.