Shanxi Construction Demonstration Point Promoting "Two Learning One" Normalization Institutionalization

Shanxi Construction Demonstration Point Promoting "Two Learning One" Normalization Institutionalization

Into the Shanxi County Yong’an Town, Yong’an Town, Qiandou Village, a second floor, the public notice column writes the professional cooperatives established in the village last year.

The party members of the second floor, sitting in a 30 square meter room, everyone is, you are talking to the village Jade Pear Garden to replace the seedlings. "We are carrying out this month’s party membership activities; our party members have insisted in 1995, thunder.

Yang Jing, the first secretary of the Village Party Branch, said in the past 23 years, the party members of the village will have never been disconnected by the day of the party activities. After the Wuxi County, the village is a "two studies and one" learning education native system established in Shanxi. One of the demonstration points of the base layer unit. In order to implement the central government about "two learning and one" learning education, the institutionalization of the schooling, the construction of the demonstration site is carried out, through the highlight "one brand, one is one-one special features", strive to use The clustering effect of the demonstration point leads to promote "two learning to do" normalization.

At present, Shanxi has established 31 provincial demonstration sites and 258 in the grassroots units.

According to reports, the demonstration point is that Shanxi is consolidated according to the regional department’s functional positioning, regional characteristics and workformation, according to the "declaration recommendation, field investigation, selective determination" step, after repeated alignment, comprehensive demonstration, the selection is determined. The provincial party committee requested that the demonstration sites at all levels should be one step forward, walk in front, in the five aspects of "learning, doing, doing, harmony, and promoting" five aspects, providing a reference for promoting the schooling of school education.

Every morning, I learned a party rule for party constitution. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech is an excerpt; at noon answer, a "two studies and one do" knowledge test questions; at night, the party class self-study, use "learning to embrace notebook" to record, write experience … … such a "one day three studies" has become part of the daily life of all party members in Nanyang Township in Xiaoyi City. In order to let the party members learn anytime, anywhere, fully coverage, as a platform for the provincial demonstration point to promote the "two studies" to learn the "two studies" to learn the institutionalization of the institutionalization, the municipal level established a special WeChat public number, and promoted The grassroots party organization actively established a WeChat learning platform. "The ‘Party School’ on the fingertips has expanded the learning space, extends the study time." Although Wang Peng, Party Member of Bai Shiya Village, although he felt that WeChat classroom was close to his distance from the party branch, "people are not there It can also achieve ideological synchronization. "Learning education is incorporated in daily, caught in often.

Each exemplary point highlights the characteristics of recurring education, and organizes party members to learn deep learning. Yixian County specially introduced "Demonstration Point Implementation Plan", incorporates the basic system such as "two students" into the "three sessions and one lesson", and according to different fields, party organizations and party members, layered classification, and standardize "Three Wills Less Lessons" form, content and requirements; Yingze District launched "seven" normalization: "Experts to learn" normalization, "leading geese" training normalization, theoretical knowledge testing normalization, excellent party class evaluation normalization "The model" deeds report normalization, "learning thinking" discussion activities, etc.; Jinyuan District is based on "three cards" to standardize the "three sessions", that is, develop learning course cards, exchange learning experience card, publicity Party members score card, carry out annual review.

The construction of the party branch is the most important basic construction, activating the "small cells" of each party branch to release "large energy." Demonstration point Dali Town is a unit of village party branch, and concentrate on organizing party members to unify the organizational life, from the system guarantee the standardization of party membership and party in the party; The status quo, Zezhou County has built 4 flow-moving party service stations and 3 flow-party member information exchange points in the urban mobile party members, and regularly organize party members to participate in the study and carry out volunteer services. The foundation is learning, the key is doing.

In the promotion of "two learning and one" learning education, the coal group constructs a long-term mechanism for the people of the people through the "Communist Service Station" platform. Up to now, the company has built more than 1,200 Communist service stations. There are more than a few volunteers of party members, and the party members "one help one help one" to help the son of more than one, and the employees have a good thing to do more than 20,000 pieces. Second-rate. In Houma City, Qin Village, the community combined with the actual situation, the "five people’s actions" mainly made in the people, help people, music, welcoming, and Huimin, built the first "elderly day care for the city). Centers, for the elderly to provide more than 6,000 meals, also give me a meal for the old people who are inconvenient, and the majority of party members in various demonstrations solve the difficulties of the masses with practical actions, and practice "four speaking four" qualified party members.

At present, Shanxi has developed an implementation plan and specific initiative to promote the institutionalization of "two studies and one" learning education.