With dual 11 this year, what changes?

With dual 11 this year, what changes?

  At 0:01 on the 11th over, Ms. Huang pick up the phone, click "OK", is already a shopping cart "Hisense LCD flat-panel TVs Haier refrigerator door + + Little Swan washing drying machine" appliances Kits pay down the balance due.

At about the same time, numerous online shopping cart is empty. From 2009 to the present, the "double 11" Shopping Festival has come to its 13th year, this year’s "double 11" and what changes? Particularly long pre-sale period, not only with the desire to consume dispersed November 11, the day before we can have different traditions discount, this year’s "double 11" early, particularly long.

  Lynx "double 11" from October 20 began the first wave of pre-sale, the evening of November 4 and opened a second wave of sale; Jingdong "double 11" began on October 20 at 8:00 PM ; fight a lot of "good benefits" carnival opened on November 5; vibrato "good thing Festival" opened on October 27. There followed a day of pre-sale period, the deposit date, the balance due date, a specific date envelopes, the largest full reduction of the other to keep in mind.

"Chop hand party" and therefore more than a few new title – "deposit" and "balance due man."

  Decentralized energy and reduce mean time to extend the consumer desires.

"In the past, when big promotion, perhaps an impulse buy, but now the time to think longer, I felt like it did not need to buy these things.

"College small yellow emotion. But in front of an annual shopping spree, in the heavyweights to do her best to promote the great atmosphere, do not buy anything if you" missed a one hundred million. "So," I do not buy " the determination will be "buy buy buy" after the sale drowned. "the ‘double 11’ Ins and Outs I’ve spent 7,000 yuan.

"Xiao Huang points to open Taobao, there is beauty, shoes, and small appliances. Multi-channel integration, matrix covering more consumer groups" This year we have taken a two-lane service focused multi-scene experience. "No Xi Suning Tesco relevant person in charge, on the one hand to push explosion models online community of goods, on the other hand the introduction of 24 hours is not closing stores, store experience to meet consumer demand.

Eventually, the store half an hour the line of business, sales exceeded 10 million yuan; the staff up to two minutes to push a single community to achieve sales of 200 million yuan.

  As a consumer feast of the "double 11" long from the original exclusive electricity supplier, turn into business online and offline co-development effort. But in the past only to attract the consumer to shop, this year more attention to physical stores multi-channel integration, stimulate consumption vitality. "Up to now, the ‘double 11’ sales have reached more than 1,600 yuan, an increase of more than 30% in the micro-Mall is the platform to achieve a sales champion class hotel in east China!" Juno Marketing Manager Group Xiahui Bin pleased to say, from online to offline, from the micro-channel, micro vibrato to the mall, Juna e shopping, this year’s "double 11" ruler to create a matrix of interactive platforms, covering more consumer groups. During the "double 11" entities are also shopping malls to online and offline interactive way of organizing activities.

Great Eastern Department Store sent 1 yuan buying 50 "tide interest coupons" in the public comment APP, Wuxi Hang Lung Plaza on "66 Hang share purchase" applet sent out 15 against 30, 66 against 100,350 against 500 other premium vouchers.

Huishan launched a good thing live carnival, through multi-site promotions + form with a cargo of live promotion Huishan good thing. Studio rapid expansion into the mainstream of online shopping in the navy crispy rice warehouse, workers are busy checking the order information, stepping up sacks of food packaged, sent to the country. "10 Today, we are this year ‘double 11’ turnover has more than 5 million yuan, more than doubled during the whole of last year ‘double 11’.

"Navy crust founder Zhang Long said the more, one of which was broadcast Silvia, you bring 300 million orders for the brand.

"Our company and Silvia had already signed a cooperation framework for the year, 10 games a year to do." Live with goods has become a mainstream online shopping.

Ai Media Consulting data show that up to percent of Chinese netizens will watch live, and buy goods in the studio.

During this year’s "double 11", the studio rapid expansion. "We have done this nine games live, far more than last year.

"Wuxi Little Swan Center Xu Min said." Welcome to our studio today’s spike welfare money has been ‘on the bus’. Look at this organic rice in my hand, Jiangnan University is the latest scientific research, contains a wealth of …… "14:00 yesterday, the group’s studio Chaoyang Wuxi first live electricity supplier Daren champion Yang Pin Han was smiling to her lens, for that kind introduction started in the product. she told reporters, 18:30 to Chaoyang home, shopping malls and many other day-to do a live broadcast with a cargo platform, familiarize yourself with the product in advance, to get a feel. "to live night do four hours, in addition to fruit quality, net red food, local food, there are supplies for the winter, I have to intervene early, to fully understand the product, what are the advantages to recommend, for what kind of crowd and so on, so as to better to arouse consumer desire.

"(Zhu Wenjuan Huangshi Li).